Dear perception researchers. Welcome to ECVP 2022, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The ECVP is a yearly European Conference in which researchers from all parts of the world convene. As its name implies, the conference centers around visual perception research and fields that connect to visual perception such as multisensory processing, attention, decision making, artificial intelligence, aesthetics etc.. The overall goal of the meeting is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of new developments in our understanding of human, animal and machine vision. Empirical, theoretical and applied perspectives are all encouraged.

The ECVP is a unique and lively conference, which travels through Europe and mostly takes place in a European university city, organized by a local team. In recent years the ECVP attracted 700 to 900 participants. Due to the Covid pandemic the edition of 2020 was skipped and in 2021 the conference was held online with more than 1800 registrations. See https://ecvp.eu for an overview of all past ECVP locations.

We are happy to organize an in-person meeting in Nijmegen in 2022 and to invite you all to visit Nijmegen to enjoy the liveliness of the ECVP meeting in the pleasant city of Nijmegen. The ECVP 2022 will be hosted by the Radboud University and the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.

As usual, the meeting provides a mixture of talks, special lectures, symposia, posters and some special events (such as: a welcome reception, an illusion night, the ECVP dinner, and a farewell party). In this year’s edition we distinguish between ECVP participants and ECVP followers. ECVP participants give their presentation on site in Nijmegen and enjoy all facets of a ‘real life’ conference. ECVP followers are not presenting their research but will get access to most of the presentations (posters and recorded talks) via online media against a reduced fee, after the presentations have been given.

Details of the meeting and special events can be found on this website or will be added to the website at a later moment. We hope you will be able to travel to Nijmegen and we are looking forward to a great ECVP in Nijmegen!

Rob Van Lier, on behalf of the organizing committee